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Timeless and Future-proof Technology

Limitless Potential

The OUR-CPU-10 a central processor from Ourican. Can connect over, Modbus, & KNX to offer synchronized control over app on phone and tablet. Also offers Alexa, Google home control.


The upcoming ‘OURICAN VIEW’ app will be available on phone and tablet. An extensive icon library allows the user to create their user interface as per site requirements. The ‘VIEW’ functionality will extend to Amazon Alexa and Google home control over IP.

Compatible with KNX & MODBUS
(OUR-CPU-10 processor)

OUR-CPU-10 OUR-CPU-10 *Compatibility with Amazon Alexa & Google Home soon


  • • Easy integration with Ourican View
  • • Easy cloud connectivity through MQTT
  • • Direct connection to the KNX installation
  • • Inbuilt Modbus RTU Master
  • • Inbuilt DALI master for DALI installation (DALI 2.0)
  • • Configuration software for customized Mobile App
  • • Utility for KNX, Modbus RTU and DALI configuration
  • • Inbuilt logic functions
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