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The scenes of a magnificent life.

Make your home respond to your routine, mood, and events.
Create scenes that reflect your living.



The whole purpose of home automation is to make your home intuitive and adaptive. We are creatures of habit. We have set patterns and routines. The automation system in your home can be programmed around these requisites. With automation, you get efficiency and a precise way of monitoring your home. While individual controls are present—lighting, climate, etc., the real benefit of automation is in synchronized control. Incorporate some scenes for every room. Utilize the devices like the voice assistant and the app-based control.

The true advantage of having an automated home can only be experienced. These are luxuries that will benefit every member of the household. Take, for example, a ‘Good Evening’ scene. You come home from work late in the evening and want the home to be set up to greet you. On executing the evening command (over phone app, Amazon® voice device, or on the touchpad at the entry of the home), the living light comes on, the AC turns on, the curtains, if programmed to, will open to give the user a view of their foyer. The user can even program the bedroom boiler to switch on when this scene is activated. This is just one example of how we can synchronize the various elements around the home to work based on habit, preference, or convenience.

  • Save energy with smart shading providing insulation and managing solar heat gain for warmth and vice-versa, also illuminating the room with natural light.
  • With automated shading, maintain the right temperature with shades opening and closing based on the time of day, room temperature, and preset scenes.
  • Protect your furniture, flooring, and yourself from the harmful UV rays by automating shades to open and close based on the sun's position.
  • Enhance the room's aesthetic with beautiful drapes and an elegant control device.
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