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Adding value to the homes you offer.

Our state-of-the-art touchpads make switching on lights and adjusting climate a thing to
brag about. Plus, being completely customizable, they fit any interior.



The customer isn’t interested in energy metering and surge protection when they are investing in a home. These things aren’t a priority. They want a home in a good neighborhood with top of the line, modern amenities. When we say modern amenities in terms of automation, Messung, through Zennio’s state of the art capacitive touchpads, offers the perfect blend of sophistication, aesthetic appeal, and most crucially excellent functionality.

With a wide array of keypads ranging from 1-button to 96-functions complete master control, the options on offer are limited only by the user’s imagination. Users can choose the background on the keypads, the icons for each button along with the option of adding some text to each button. They can choose keypads with or without displays. We offer keypads that are complete touch screens offering multiple pages to control the different facets of the room. Also on offer is App-based control of the entire home in a seamless, intuitively designed app that mirrors the master touch panel. The greatest advantage of having an automation system is programming. The user defines the program for every button on the keypad. Some may want basic individual control on the keypads for the lights, AC, fans, etc., or some may want more synchronized control allowing for multiple facets being controlled at the press of one button. Design a “good morning” or “good evening” scene that allows the control of the lights, fans, curtains all working together based on the client’s preference.

Coming to KNX ready builder projects. You have multiple apartments on many floors. You want to keep costs to a minimum while still offering some basic creature comforts to the clients investing in your property. What Messung recommends as a KNX ready package of products and solutions is to focus on the two most important zones of a home; the living room and the master bedroom. Invest in offering solutions here. Through our experience in builder projects in India, we recommend a package of one Z41-pro master device in the entry passageway of the home for master control and app access of the system. 4 circuits dimming, 24 circuits on/off (don't invest in the lights or other fixtures. These elements are universal for most lights or dimming drivers the customers will purchase). Fan control for 4 fans. One 6 button capacitive touch keypad backlit icon Flat 6 with rudimentary icons (same for all apartments) for the living room and a 42 function Z35 3.5” keypad in the master bedroom. In the master bedroom, we recommend offering AC control. This is one basic KNX ready home package.

Of course, as with individual homes, no two real estate companies have the same preferences and requirements and this solution can be mixed and matched appropriately. The most crucial thing is to be conscious of the investments being made in relation to the solutions being offered to customers.

Some of our builders choose to market the USP of customizing keypads while others offer good dimming and climate-based solutions, focusing on functionality. The most important marketing tool for builders with this KNX based solution is scalability. The users who move into a KNX ready home are in the best position to easily and efficiently upgrade their homes with additional light circuits, curtain control, additional keypads, voice assistant control, a home theater setup, to name a few ideas. The provision is in place. The users will appreciate the foresight shown by builders in investing in a home upgradable for years to come.

  • You can save energy consumption and maintenance costs with automated lights and climate control.
  • Basic KNX-ready Eco-structure comes with free smartphone control.
  • Easy wiring setup enhances the look of the house, adding to its appeal.
  • Residents can enjoy the perfect lighting and climate with smart thermostats and sensors.
  • Moreover, the lighting, climate, and curtain interact with each other to create the perfect atmosphere as per the time of the day or preset settings.
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